The basic rule is: please always order according to your child's height and the corresponding size.


In the first year (up to height 80) you can take one size bigger.
The waist band is very soft and stretchy, so it also fits petite figures very well.
We deliberately offer size 56/62 for newborns, as the pants can be easily rolled up and can therefore grow with them.
For this reason we also offer our trousers in double sizes.


Since the waist circumference doesn't grow that quickly either, you can order one size larger here.


You can also order one size larger here - the waist circumference of the skirt changes slightly per size and is stretchy, only the length is decisive.
Approximate Finished Length:
size 56/62 = 13cm
size 68/74 = 19cm
size 80/86 = 25cm
size 92/98 = 31cm
size 104/110= 37cm

pampa suit:

Is a dungarees, they are cut rather larger. As an example Gr. 80-86 will only fit when the child is almost 80 cm tall. Before that, it will be much too big and long. Please keep in mind that children can also trip if they wear trousers that are too long.


These wraps fit from birth up to 2 years. The towels are adjustable and should not be tumble dried due to the risk of shrinkage.

Simple Bibs

These shawls are cut to drape around the neck, so they grow with you too. Recommended from birth to 2 years. If the cloth is too big, fold it over once at the top.

Turbans & Pixies

Please measure the child's head circumference at the widest point. Turban hats need to fit snugly, so we recommend buying by head circumference. If the head circumference is already close to the next size up, we recommend taking the next size up.

Beanies and loop scarves

Please measure the child's head circumference at the widest point. Fit loose and can also be worn longer.
If you would like a single size or intermediate sizes, please feel free to ask. Contact us at any time if you have any questions, we will try to help you as quickly as possible.